Fourth Sunday of Advent

Carl Bloch, Manger scene from The Life of Christ

Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834-1890) was a Danish painter, mostly famous for his depictions of historical and biblical scenes. He is considered to be one of Denmark’s greatest artists of all times.

Carl Bloch proved to be highly gifted from a young age and, although his parents were against him becoming an artist, he started studying from the age of 15 at the Danish Royal Academy of Arts and successfully obtained a scholarship to travel abroad. He went all over Europe, including Holland where he became acquainted with Rembrandt’s art, and also France, Greece and Italy, where he stayed several years.

Carl Bloch was commissioned by J. C. Jacobsen (the founder of the Carlsberg brewery) to produce 23 paintings representing the life of Christ for the Chapel at Frederiksborg Palace. The paintings were completed between 1865 and 1879 and had a great impact on Carl Bloch both artistically and spiritually. He later produced art pieces for other churches in Denmark and Sweden.

The Chapel at Frederiksborg Palace

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