Third Sunday of Advent

Afons Mucha, Nativity (1934)

Czech artist Alphons Mucha, mostly known for his contribution to decorative art such as posters (in particular those of Sarah Berhard) was also a devoted Catholic driven by mysticism. Unsatisfied with his works and his career in advertising, he decided to focus on a sacred art that would reflect his personal visions about Christianity. He thus concentrated on religious subjects and became more and more famous for a very different kind of art than the one he had been associated with before, as we can see in his illustrated version of the Pater Noster (published in 1899). His further works also reflect his vision of the Slavonic identity and history (The Slav Epic, 1912-1926), combined with his spiritual inclinations. 

Alfons Mucha, The Sav Epic, n° 15: The Printing of the Bible of Kralice in Ivančice (1914)

Alfons Mucha, The Slav Epic, No.17: The Holy Mount Athos (1926)

Learn more on Mucha’s Slav Epic

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