A small tour around St Mary-le-Bow church, London

I have recently had the great pleasure of playing at Saint Mary-le-Bow church in Cheapside, London.

This beautiful church, just 5 min away from St Paul’s Cathedral, was founded around 1080 and has had a turbulent history of collapses and reconstructing. The current church is a reconstruction dating from 1946, after it was destroyed in a bombing in 1941.

Since it ministers mainly for workers from the City, the church only holds weekday services from Monday to Friday.

The notoriety of Saint Mary-le-Bow church mainly comes from its famous bells – the “bow bells” were known to be heard as far as Islington, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Southwark and even parts of Camden and Waltham Forest.

Saint Mary-le-Bow’s new organ was inaugurated in 2010. It is a two-manual and pedal organ designed by Kenneth Tickell & Company, inspired by Silbermann’s works in Alsace.

The church hosts many musical events and notably the October series of the Eric Thompson Trust’s organ recitals.


Stopped Diapason    8
Gamba                        8
Principal                     4
Spitz Flute                  4
Fifteenth                    2
Cornet                        III
Furniture                   IV
Trumpet                    8
Cromorne                 8
Swell to Great


Chimney Flute                    8
Viola                                     8
Voix Celeste                        8
Principal                              4
Traverse Flute                    4
Nazard                                2 2/3
Open Flute                         2
Tierce                                  1 3/5
Larigot                                1 1/3
Mixture                               III-IV
Bassoon                             16
Trumpet                             8
Hautboy                             8
Bow Bells (Cymbelstern)


Violone                       16
Principal                     8
Open Flute                 8
Octave                        4
Trombone                 16
Trumpet (from Gt)    8
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal 

Tracker key action
Slider soundboards
Electric stop and combination actions

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