“Singulièrement plurielles”

Release of the CD “Singulièrement plurielles”, a recording of organ works by female composers.

Most women composers have been forgotten by history – or their music completely left aside.

In 2020, organ teacher Éric Lebrun from the Conservatoire in Saint-Maur (South-East of Paris) developed a project to shed light on forgotten female composers, while also celebrating Saint-Maur’s heritage, involving three church organs. The project was a recording of performances from student organists at the Conservatoire. Thanks to the support of J.M., the organ class’s sponsor, the project became a CD, “Singulièrement plurielles”, released by Chanteloup Musique in June 2021.

The CD features works by 13 different female composers from the Baroque era to the present day, performed by 11 students from the Conservatoire of Saint-Maur. This project was a wonderful opportunity to experience how to record, and it enabled all of us to discover some beautiful music which definitely deserves greater recognition.

Église Saint-Nicolas – Merklin Organ renovated in 2015 by Pierre Maciet

Église Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire – Furtwängler-Hammer organ

Église Saint-François-de-Sales – Kern-Gonzalez organ

Featured composers: Elisabeth Ballon, Elsa Barraine, Mel Bonis, Nadia Boulanger, Joséphine Boulay, Hedwige Chrétien, Jeanne Demessieux, Marie-Louis Girod, Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, Marie-Ange Leurent, Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel, Rikako Watanabe, Clara Wieck-Schumann.

Performers: Ophelia Amar, Sébastien Avril, Paul Carlotti, Simon Defromont, Sacha Dhénin, Oleg Dronnikov, Odile Foulliaron, Clément François, Maria Ginju, Edmond Reuzé, Marie-Louise Tocco, Laetitia Tuza.

Artistic director: Éric Lebrun.

The CD can be purchased on Chanteloup Musique’s website: https://www.chanteloup-musique.org/nos-disques/collection-classique/

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